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if tenzin dies will there be a new narrator for the opening of lok?

or will we have to hear tenzin’s voice and know hes dead…

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You’ll be thankful for the time you had with your siblings

(This is just a Kataang babies relationship appreciation post as seen on the show. Please don’t use this post to add your Bryke-hate or writers-hate or “Aang-is-a-bad-father-how-dare-they” arguments. If you do, I’ll rip out your your amygdala, I’ll be sad.)

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This is why i think Avatar should be R rated 

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ATLA’s Ursa. A sorta quickie painting.

Haven’t had time for any personal or fan works for a long while… til i came down with the cold/flu. Lol! Worked on this as I was watching Justice Pao. I have been mainly painting animals and environments these past few months, so I’m afraid I’m a wee bit out of practice with people.

Am working on more historical fashion timelines. Soon! :)



ok so I was rewatching Korra and I noticed Mako wasn’t wearing gloves, so I paused to take a screenshot and it looks like they’re having a dance battle..

To the window

To the wall

We’re gonna equalize you all 

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asdfghjkl I made a korrasami comic aaah Q////Q ehehe it was so much fun~ first time I ever draw two girls kissing hahaha

Really though, in the latest episode, asami was so keen on watching over korra while she was meditating TvT I am a makorra shipper first and foremost but these two are so cute omgg~~
I can’t help but think that asami did something while korra was away~

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I’m sorry I couldn’t resist I just really like these

But that last one is the best.

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Korra Book 3 Finale


So I’ve remained pretty quiet this Book with the hype, but let me tell you THIS FINALE IS A


So prepare yourselves…